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The London Bladder Clinic is an innovative and dedicated bladder care pathway of clinical excellence, provided by Chelsea Bridge Clinic.

It is clinically led by experienced doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who have a focused interest in managing common complaints such as troublesome urinary symptoms day or night, urinary incontinence, and urinary infections.

Our entire team have decades of experience within the National Health Service, and have a specialised interest in bladder function. We offer a dedicated service for bladder symptom management, using the latest and least invasive treatment options available.

We see so frequently how often these symptoms can intrude and affect the lives of our patients.

Distressing bladder symptoms can have visible ripples that extend to affect self-confidence, poor quality of sleep, fatigue, and mental health issues with subsequent anxiety, depression and isolation and avoidance behaviours.

Our patients deserve better, and are always welcome at our clinic which is committed to hearing and working through these troublesome urinary complaints. Sometimes there is a very simple solution, and we wish to widen the access to the support available.

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