We see a variety of symptoms at The London Bladder Clinic. We are here to get you the help you need.

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Types of symptoms

Symptoms we see.

From urinary frequency issues to bedwetting we can help you through this.

Daytime urinary frequency

Passing urine too many times during the day


Waking up and passing urine too frequently at night

Nocturnal Polyuria

Production of large volumes of urine at night

Urinary Urgency

A sudden desperate need to pass urine, which is difficult to postpone, and can lead to leakage of urine.

Urinary Urge Incontinence

A sudden desperate need to pass urine, which is difficult to postpone, and has lead to leakage of urine.

Urinary Stress incontinence

Leakage of urine during exertion, exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing. May


Pain or discomfort in the urethra when passing urine.

Bladder pain

Pain in the lower part of the abdomen, over the bladder.


Leakage of urine during climax with intercourse.

Urinary hesitancy

Difficulty with the initiation of the urinary stream.

Weak urinary flow

When it takes an excessive amount of time to pass urine at a very slow speed.

Post micturition dribbling

Low volume leakage that may occur after passing urine, and one has left the toilet.

Incomplete bladder emptying

After passing urine, there is a remaining feeling that the bladder has not emptied and there is urine still remaining

Chronic Urinary retention

A longstanding occurrence of incomplete bladder emptying, where urine continuously accumulates in the bladder

And many more
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